WANTED: These Apple Watch Apps  

 After having the watch for more than 24 hours I’ve started mentally making a list of apps that i would love to see on the new device. 

1.  Mailbox:   If you use Mailbox on your iPhone you’ll notice that on the watch you get the Mailbox notification that allows you to either archive or snooze the incoming email.   This is great but i would love the ability to open up a mailbox watch app that could allow me to quickly add emails to my list or reschedule when I would like to read that email again. Mailbox seems like a perfect fit for the Apple Watch so hopefully it’s coming soon. 

2.  Tweetbot:  Now we have Twitter on the Apple Watch but i would love to see Tapbots approach to having a Tweetbot presence on the device.  Tweetbot is my Twitter client of choice and to have that experience extended to the watch would be great. Tapbots has already added a watch app for Calcbot and its fantastic.

3.  Audible:  This is a no brainer.  I love Audible and to have the ability to access my audiobooks and control them from the watch seems like a match made in heaven. 

4. Facebook:  Ok I’m not the biggest Facebook fan but my family uses it which means i use it.  We get facebook notifications on the watch but i would love the ability to view the latest post from Aunt Angela right on the watch. 

5. Spotify:  I would love to have a Spotify app on the Watch.  Like the music app being able to control the music and pick a playlist would be great.  


   These are the top 5 apps I would love to see on my New Apple Watch but here are just a few more I would like as well.   Fantastical, PocketCasts, Amazon Echo app, Automatic (Update: Automatic Now Available), LastPass (Update: LastPass now available), Google, Waze,  & WeightWatchers.

I’m sure most of these will be on my watch soon but only time will tell.      


My 5 Favorite Notification Widgets for iOS 8


1. Fantastical's Calendar Widget

2. Clips Clipboard Widget 

3. Neato's Notetaking Widget

4. ETA's GPS Widget

5. Dark Sky's weather Widget


NO Mr. Schmidt I'm Not Here to Stay! 

Earlier Today Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt wrote a 900 word guide on how to switch from an iPhone to an Android handset. Having been someone who made this switch earlier this year, from an iPhone 5 to a Samsung Galaxy S4, I was curious on what he had to say.

One of the first few things he writes is that "The latest high-end phones from Samsung, Motorola, and the Nexus 5 have better screens, are faster, and have much more intuitive interface.". I will agree with the better screen portion, although in my opinion its just the bigger screen that makes it better. Screen size was a major factor in me switching to the S4. However I don't agree with these devices being faster and more intuitive. Android is still Android. It hangs up way more often than iOS and apps tend to be a lower quality experience when compared to an iOS equivalent. Android does give you more options and allows you to have a more customized experience. But I wouldn't say that makes it more intuitive.

Schmidt also writes that "80% of the world, in the latest survey, agrees on Android. I just don't know what that means? Now I haven't done research to dispute this claim. But my general knowledge of the cell phone industry tells me that all phones running Android are not smart phone equivalents. I would like to know what makes up that 80%. When I read this I just see a number that feels like smoke and mirrors.

The post goes on from there and informs a would be switcher how to set up their email, photos, apps, etc. I liked this portion of the post and although I'm tech savvy enough to have already known how to do all of this, for someone who isn't this might not be a bad read.

I didn't care for the defensive nature of the post and in my opinion it speaks volumes too how much Google envies Apple. Early in Schmidt's post he writes "you will switch from iPhone to Android and never switch back...". Well I know for a fact this isn't true. Like I wrote earlier I switched 5 months ago to a Galaxy S4 and although there are things I like about Android. There is just too many things I don't like about it. The app market lags in quality significantly. The overall Android operating system is still more buggy than iOS. The camera experience on Android Devices is ,too say the least, an underwhelming experience compared to iOS. Android updates from one version to another take forever on non-Google version handsets, I'm learning this the hard way waiting for Android 4.4 "Kitkat". Rumor has it that Samsung might update it by January. Apple has the luxury of updating all there devices at the same time because they don't have a fragmented market. A real plus on my list. So yes I made the switch but NO Mr. Schmidt I'm not here to stay. As soon as Apple releases a larger screened iPhone (hopefully sooner than later) I will be switching back to iOS and I can't wait!


Gadget Pick: The Quest For The Perfect iPad Keyboard

Logitech has impressed me with their K811 Mac Keyboard I discussed in my last post, but my introduction with Logitech's keyboards started with the "Ultrathin Keyboard Cover" for iPad. I love my iPad (currently using 3rd generation) and have always fell in love with external keyboard accessories for them. When I purchased the 1st generation iPad when it was released one of my first accessories was Apple's keyboard dock. I used it but didn't love it. It forced you to type only in portrait mode and it didn't offer the portability I would've liked. I really wanted a more versatile and portable solution.

My second attempt was the original clam-case. I loved the fact that the clam-case was not only a keyboard but a cover and stand as well. The clam-case would have been perfect but the keyboard layout wasn't preferable. It reminded me of the way a netbook keyboard felt, very cramped and just difficult to type on. So I ended up using the clam-case more as a stand than a keyboard. It also added a significant amount of weight and bulk making the iPad more of a brick than anything else. So the search for the perfect iPad keyboard continued.

I then turned to Kickstarter to see if there were any clever solutions to my iPad keyboard problem. That's when I discovered the "Touchfire Keyboard". The Touchfire promised a really portable solution that used magnets to align its silicone keys with Apple's own digital keyboard. I loved the idea and decided to support it. After many production delays I finally received my Touchfire months later. It works as promised but the only problem is you can only use it in landscape mode and because your using the onscreen keyboard your viewing area is so small and it isn't ideal when typing for long sessions. Again the search for a great iPad keyboard continued.

After my three failed attempts on finding the perfect keyboard I had pretty much given up and then I came across Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. The first thing I loved about Logitech's accessory is how thin and light it really is. But the weight doesn't mean the keyboard is cheaply made. The aluminum cover is solid and compliments the iPad very well. The keys have a great feel and unlike the clam-case the layout is almost the same as a standard keyboard. Allowing me to type as fast as I can on my desktop or laptop keyboard. The keyboard cover also acts as a stand, and can be used in portrait or landscape mode. When using it in landscape the keyboard cover uses magnets to attach itself to the iPad giving it a real solid lock on the keyboard. The keyboard cover also uses these magnets to align itself when using it as a cover, very similar to how Apple's smart covers work. It's rechargeable using a standard micro usb cable (one is included) and battery life is great clocking in at over two - three weeks on one charge. It also has iOS specific short cut keys, like a home button, copy, cut, paste, etc.

So how much does it cost? Logitech's suggested retail price is $99.99 but if your buying this for an iPad 2, 3, or 4th generation Amazon is selling it for $77 dollars with 2 day shipping if your a prime member. Logitech has just come out with a version of this for the New iPad Air and because it's just been released Amazon is selling it at the full $99.99 price. A hundred bucks is a lot to pay for keyboard so I would suggest waiting until Amazon or other retailers offer a discount.

With all of these great features and portabilty; Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is the keyboard for my iPad I've been looking for. Finally the search is over!

Check out the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover on Amazon. 


Gadget Pick: A Keyboard That Presses my Buttons!

Both my 15 Inch MacBook Pro (late 2010) and my 11 Inch MacBook Air (mid 2012) sport a backlit keyboard. Not only are the Apple laptop keyboards backlit but they're also my favorite keyboard to type on. I use my 15 inch a lot as a desktop and hook it up to a monitor, use Apple's Magic Trackpad and to get as close as I can to the feel of my laptop keyboard I purchased the Apple's bluetooth wireless keyboard. I have always been puzzled as to why Apple has backlit keyboards for their laptops but doesn't offer this solution for their desktops. So instead of waiting for Apple to come out with one I did some research and purchased Logitech's Mac Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard.

The first thing I noticed right away when I got it open was how much lighter it was than Apple's keyboard. It's lighter not in a bad way either, It still feels like a solid device. What allows Logitech to make it solid yet lighter is that it doesn't use AA Batteries like Apple does. The Logitech K811 is rechargeable and too charge it you use a standard micro usb cable; one is included. The charge according to Logitech's site holds for quite awhile, because the keyboard shuts down after 3 minutes of nonuse.

After going through the standard bluetooth setup, I gave the K811 a spin. Of course the backlit keys kicked in and they look great! Much like the keyboard on my Mac laptops. The brightness of the illumination can be controlled just like you would on a laptop. So the backlit keys are good but what about the keyboard itself? Well the keyboard has a great feel too it. The keys are slightly indented which really felt great when typing away. All of the familiar apple keys are here such as volume controls, play/pause, mission control, etc.

Now for the icing on the cake. One of the really cool features that set the K811 apart is bluetooth switching. The K811 unlike Apple's keyboard allows you to switch from one bluetooth device to another. It allows you to pair three separate devices and once they are paired you can switch to them just by pressing the appropriate bluetooth key. The three bluetooth keys are located on the top left of the keyboard. So after trying out the keyboard on my 15 inch pro and went ahead and paired it with my iPad. After the standard bluetooth setup on the iPad I started typing away. So now I have the iPad set for Bluetooth 2 and my MacBook Pro on Bluetooth 1. And like they advertise it switches with ease by the press of a button; really great feature. I then decided to pair it with my Apple TV on bluetooth 3 and it worked like a charm.

How much does this keyboard cost compared to Apples? Well Apple's Keyboard is $69.99 and the Logitech's K811 is suggested to retail at $99.99. However amazon is selling the K811 at $72.00 with 2 day shipping if your a prime member. At 99.99 I still think it would be worth it but still hard to swallow for a keyboard, but if your able to get it at nearly the same price as Apples why not take the plunge.

If i had one negative thing to add, it would be that the keyboard lays pretty flat. The apple keyboard is designed with a cylinder like design underneath the keyboard towards the back and this isn't only for the batteries, it also gives the keyboard a slight angle. The K811 just lays flat and so its taking me a little bit to get use to that. I might even find away to give it a slight angle myself. But that is really the only complaint i have. Logitech really did a great job making a really fabulous Mac keyboard.

So the end result is, I love this keyboard. Not having to keep using AA batteries, the addition of backlit keys, and the ability to easily switch between multiple bluetooth devices; make this "The" keyboard to own!

Check out the Logitech K811 on Amazon.